Monday, 1 May 2017

All mothers deserve to be treated like a queen

Mothers' Day is just around the corner, and I'd like to share a little bit of something with you guys to pamper your mom with. Y'know, just in case you need some ideas on what to do for your mom on Mothers' Day ;)

So I've been pretty adventurous with my "hair experiments" in recent years. I think I find thrill in this hahaha. From bleaching my hair to getting my hair cut short to trying lots of new hair products, I can't say I've had enough hehe. I swear I have a soft spot for hair treatments, hairdos, hair anything... Recently I've tried this insanely cool botox though.

Don't be so surprised. I was referring to the Hair Botox + Fillers treatment at Chez Vous. HAHAHA. No one's sagging just yet :p But since it's a hair botox, you can probably infer what the treatment does :)

As I mentioned, I've been doing quite a bit of experiment on my hair. All the regular colouring, bleaching and frequent chemical processing that I put my hair through... I'm surprised I'm not bald yet hahaha. But having said that, my distressed hair definitely manifested itself in the form of frizzy and fragile hair with split ends. Such is life when you wanna beautify your hair but yet have no time to maintain its health. Sighhhh...

But this is where Chez Vous' Hair Botox + Fillers come in. This is a semi-permanent hair therapy that repairs our damaged hair and maintains 90 days of hair bliss in just 120min! Perfect for busy people who can't spare 3 or 4h sitting at a salon for a hair treatment ;) Just like facial botox, which smoothens wrinkles and plump sunken facial contours, Hair Botox fills the "holes" in our hair cuticle and smoothens away the stubborn frizz.

Now, let me give you a step-by-step explanation on why this Hair Botox + Fillers treatment is the perfect gift for your mom on Mothers' Day...

Step 1: Allow her to relax and relieve her stress with a head massage right from the start 

Chez Vous might be packed full of customers all the time, but when you do get an appointment with them, they make sure to treat their customers like the Queen. So enjoy a blissful head massage she shall, while the hair directors will cleanse and prep her hair for the treatment with a purifying shampoo.

Step 2: Use only the best ingredients on her royalty's hair - Keratin and Pro-Satin Silk Protein

Just like how your mom probably pampers her skin with all the overly priced top grade skin care products, her hair needs the best too. Each hard keratin is shrunk to mini-sized particles that can penetrate deeply into the hair, filling up the "holes" and repairing her hair from deep within and resist humidity. Along with other potent actives and the Pro-Satin Silk Protein, your mom will leave the salon with smoother and shinier hair!

The secret blend, which includes a thermal-activated smooth-control concentrate, is applied generously only every part of her hair and placed under 15min of hot air to ensure that it is thoroughly absorbed into each strand of hair.

Step 3: Pamper her with deeply nourishing Hair Booster that has a long-lasting effect

Now, without proper care, our hair naturally doesn't receive enough moisturising and repairing elements. The Hair Booster will saturate her hair with the necessary supplements, including those from Amino Oil Complex, Jojoba and Avocado Oils, which are also shrunk to mini-sized particles for more effective absorption into the hair. These oils provide hair with a hydrophobic coating to lock-in benefits, smooth hair and provide a long-lasting frizz control.

Step 4: Make sure the nourishing ingredients stay deep within her hair cuticles for a long long time

With the use of a flat iron, heat is applied to the hair to activate the smooth-control concentrate and seal in the actives for long lasting smoothness, manageability and shine. This way, your mom wouldn't need to go for another hair treatment again for a long long while ;)

Step 5: In every hair treatment, there must also be masque involved

Next, before the hair is washed, a final blend of hyaluronic acid and ceramide-rich injection masque is applied generously onto her hair to deeply hydrate the hair and render her highness' tresses touchable soft ;) Hyaluronic acid is the one key ingredient touted by many Korean and Japanese skincare products for its hydration and anti-oxidant UV defense capabilities. We can't not have this active in the Hair Botox + Fillers treatment now, can we?

Fun fact: Did you know that 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 6 litres of water? How did Chez Vous fuse this ingredient into its blend?? -impressed-

Step 6: Can't call it a hair treatment if there ain't serum used

Last but not least, a high-performance finishing serum containing Hydrolysed Silk is used to seal in and enhance the effect of the treatment, and also provide maximum heat protection. 

Well, sounds like a long hair treatment process right? Trust the hair directors at Chez Vous. This is just a 120min treatment that can give you 90 days of hair bliss! Just to show you all the results, I did the Hair Botox + Fillers treatment on the day before I flew to Japan/Bali for a holiday. Not even the harshest of weather could damage my hair - not Japan's cold & dry winter, nor Bali's hot and wet weather. #testedandproven hahahah

1 day after the Hair Botox + Fillers treatment:

1 week later:

2 weeks later:

If you're sold, here's the bad news for you. Such extensive hair care will not come at a cheap price. So here's what you should be expecting. Prices will be from $599 for the Hair Botox + Fillers Programme. This package itself will include:

1 X Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy
1 X Specially-Prescribed Home Haircare Set (includes shampoo, intense daily treatment and leave-in treatment)
1 X Chez Vous Trilogy Express Revitalising Supreme in-salon hair treatment
1 X Chez Vous Bespoke Booster Set (NEW!)


Also, special shout out the Chez Vous' Associate Salon Director, Reanden, for the awesome Hair Botox experience ;D


But with the bad news, there's also a good news. Although the programme is a bit on the pricier side, it does come with a which bunch of goodness besides the Hair Botox treatment! So here's another incentive for you to bring your mom this Mothers' Day!

Enjoy 25% off when you make a reservation at Chez Vous through this link using my promo code <RefByRachel05>. Hurry though, because this promotion will end on 31st May 2017! You've only got a few weeks left!! Seriously, if you still haven't thought of what to get for your mom this Mothers' Day, this hair treatment might just be the perfect pamper session to reward her for all the hard work and stress she had while bringing us up. All mothers deserve to be treated like a queen 

- Rach

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Bromo - Ijen

Finally coming down to clear my backlogs of travelogue hahah. Shall start with my Bromo trip first since that was the longest one ago. Our trip to Bromo turned out way better than we thought, and it was definitely a trip full of surprises. I can safely say that it's one of the most memorable trip that I've ever made in my life, partially because it's also my first mountain climbing experience heh. And plus we had a super spontaneous and funny guide, Miko :>

I'm gonna post a series of photos from the climb up to Ijen and down. Ok, mostly photos from when we reached the top. Because we started our ascend at around 3am and it was totally pitch dark. We opted to go down into the crater to see the blue flames of Ijen, which was only visible in the night, so we had to start really early. So yep, I couldn't take much photos then. But somehow, the colours and lighting of the photos turned out pretty well with the hazy effects from the sulfur smoke :p

It took us around 3h to climb up to the peak, and then down into the crater and back up again. So by the time we got back up, it was day break already. On the day that we ascended Mount Ijen, the wind was pretty strong and it it was literally blowing in the wrong direction. The sulfur smoke was so thick that we had to wear the gas mask ._. And at an elevation of 2,799m, the air was already rather thin. It was definitely quite hard to breathe. I was literally huffing and puffing my way up. The miner that led us up scammed me and told me that we were "reaching" the resting point (which was actually this really small yet cosy canteen/stall that sells hot coffee and cup noodles hehe), when it was actually a 30-45min hike away.. -.-

The photos don't look like much. But trust me, we were actually freezing. The hike kept us warm until we surfaced back up form the crater and stopped to take photos. The moment we stopped hiking, our body cooled down and we froze in the 7 deg temperature, in our laughable denim and leather jacket. Lol.

See, it was so cold that I had to throw on my other pathetic jacket LOL. I'm warning you, if you're going, you're gonna need more than just a denim/leather jacket hahah.

Oh, and I had ombre hair back then!! Loved it so much, but it faded away too soon :( So lucky to have gotten the chance to dye it for a L'oreal video for the Singapore Fashion Week back then.

Sooooooo, yeap. After the immensely torturous 6h hike (YAY I SURVIVED MY FIRST MOUNTAIN CLIMBING EXPERIENCE), we just chilled for the rest of the day :> Ate super great food at insanely cheap prices. Meaning, SGD$1 for a plate of mee goreng and SGD$1.50 for a bowl of bakso that tasted so good in the cold at night hehe. Miko even said that if we ever visit again, he'll invite us to his place and have his wife teach me how to make bakso heehee.

On day 2, we visited a small lake and waterfall, and basically just explored the area.

I love how this wasn't a normal trip that had us visit tourist attractions. Really, the best part about this whole trip was the fact that it was so quiet and away from civilisation :') Earth is literally my element hahaha. Or maybe even nature heh.

So that night, we went back to the lodge and rested. It was crazy cold at night by the way. And by cold, I meant that it was 3 degrees. The water heater wasn't working well in that area, and there was a black out too omg. So I basically took a 1min shower using ICE WATER, and I was done. There wasn't even heating system in the room. What'd you know, we're high up in the mountains, in wooden lodge, with a view a beautiful and air too cold. I couldn't ask for anything better hahah.

So the next morning we woke up for this:

Say hello to the magnificent Mount Bromo! Waking up at 3am to a 3deg night has never been more worthwhile hehe. We watched the sky as it got painted in shades of orange to blue. 

And there is it, when the sun was finally up and bright, we had the full view of Mount Bromo right in front of us. That was where we were heading next :) We got on a jeep that drove us to nearer to Mount Bromo and then we got on horses that rode us to the base, where we could take a longggggg flight of stairs up to the rim of the volcano.

It's actually pretty dangerous once you reach the top because there aren't any safety barriers to stop people from falling over and into the crater :o The path isn't exactly narrow, but it's enough to make your legs go a little wobbly when a third persons tries to walk past you, omg.

I mean, just look at those tiny figures on the rim of the volcano and you'll know what I'm talking about hahaha. Looks pretty scary, doesn't it?

 But yep, we took a slow stroll around the rim of the volcano, took some pretty nice photos, and then we decided to descend down by the unorthodox way, instead of the crowded stairs. We pretty much just stumbled our way down the sanded slopes until we finally reached the base again hahah.

The rest of our trip was pretty cool too. We could sit by our front door and look at the amazing view of Mount Bromo right in front of our window. In a 13-14deg weather in the day, of course. Sweater weather ftw hehe. And we went strawberry picking!! SUPER CHEAP TOO DUH. Sat by our window, ate some strawberries with Miko and our driver, talked and laugh about life. While they drank beer of course lol.

It was one of the most breathtaking moments in my life, to be honest. And what's more, it was a really really impromptu trip. Never imagined myself to have the chance to live on top of a mountain, even if it was just for a few days :')

We'll definitely be back one day to visit Miko and his family. He's a super super super great guy. After more than a year, we still email each other sometimes and he still asks how we're doing for our studies and exam. Glad to have made a friend out of a guide! That's all I have to share for now!! ;D

- Rach